Memorizing Lines the Smart Way - Free MasterClass

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So you got another 13-page audition, and the deadline to submit your self-tape is tomorrow. How the heck are you going to memorize all those lines?!
The demands of this industry are higher than ever, and having a rock solid line memorization strategy is CRUCIAL!
Joyce Hshieh, a trained actress and 3-day Jeopardy champion, specializes in teaching actors how to memorize lines fast and make them stick!
She’s done the work to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and she’s offering a FREE MASTERCLASS called Memorizing Lines the Smart Way, where she shares all of her juicy tips that are science-backed and proven!
In this free training, you’ll learn:
✅ 5 major mistakes actors commonly make when it comes to memorizing lines.
✅ A particular memory technique that allows you to remember MORE by studying LESS.
​✅ A line memorization trap you may be falling into and how to avoid it.
​✅ A simple hack that makes monologues MUCH easier to memorize.
✅ 2 key memory turboboosters.
Stop memorizing lines using the same old boring, ineffective methods! Save time, save stress, and GET ACTING!